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Have you filed a promise to purchase a property or are about to do so? A pre-purchase inspection by an experienced building inspector is an essential step before completing the transaction. Buying a property is an important decision and is mostly a significant investment. It is therefore essential that the buyer is well informed about the general condition of the coveted building. This is so that he can make a proper decision based on the current condition of the building.

The pre-purchase inspection conducted by Homa Inspection Building is strictly visual and covers all the interior and exterior components that make up the building.

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You are considering putting your building up for sale. Give us the mandate to carry out the pre-sale inspection of your property. This will be done by a certified building inspector, allowing you to maximize your chances of selling your property quickly and get the right price. It also gives the seller the guidance and assistance to solve problems that affect the value of the property. Pre-Listing inspection provides full disclosure to the buyer, therefore making it easier to gain their trust and confidence

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New residential buildings must be covered by a warranty plan supervised by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) under a government decree. The guarantee plan provides for an important step before taking possession of the building, namely the pre-reception (pre-delivery) inspection carried out according to the APCHQ performance guide (listing some 280 rules of good practice) in addition to Quebec’s national building code and its plans and specifications.

The qualified building inspector can determine which work to complete and/or correct. The inspector also helps the buyer to detect potentially costly construction defects, to have the right time on the quality of the construction and to protect himself in the event of a dispute with the contractor.

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Homa Inspection

For many of us buying a property is the most important investment of our lives. And as with many of us, there are a lot of questions and concerns regarding this.

To find assistance and avoid any unpleasant and costly surprises, it is essential to have the building inspected by a qualified building inspector.

An inspection by an experienced professional avoids the problems that exist in the building of your dreams. For peace of mind, do business with HOMA Building Inspection for a personalized inspection and assessment of the general condition of your future property.

HOMA Building Inspection offers its services 7 days a week, whether on the Greater Montreal area, or the Laurentians (Laurentides), Montérégie (Vaudreuil-Dorion, Salaberry de Valleyfield, Île-Perrot, Hudson, St. Lazarre, Les Cèdres etc.) or Outaouais.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision when buying a home and effectively manage it once you settle in. A detailed report is provided to you following the inspection.

HOMA Building Inspection undertakes to deliver a detailed inspection report within three days of the inspection, with reading and comprehension assistance.

An inspection report can also be used as an effective argument to negotiate down the price of the building or to require the correction of certain problems or anomalies affecting the building before closing the sale.

Pre-sale inspection

Indoor Air Quality Test

Asbestos Testing

Mold Test

Lead Test

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