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Why should we inspect a house before buying it?

What are the benefits of a pre-purchase home inspection by a professional inspector?

Under Québec’s current rules, pre-purchase building inspection is not mandatory, however, There are whispers that authorities in Quebec are thinking of making building inspection mandatory before any property transactions are made. This is due to making the trading process easier and clearer. Quebec courts are currently full of accumulated cases of property transaction files, many of which have certainly been preventable.

However, whether mandatory or optional, inspecting the building has undeniable benefits; building inspectors are required to obtain a degree and pass difficult specialized tests. They must also successfully complete a certain number of annual training courses approved by institutions that give them permission to work in the field. This is essential for keeping the knowledge of inspectors up to date. Inspectors also have the experience to diagnose the technical problems of buildings. In addition, they have the necessary equipment and tools to diagnose potential problems that cannot be easily detected at a general glance.

In addition to all of the above, a building inspector is obliged to have liability insurance, this insurance, in rare cases of the inspectors’ error or emission, is your backup and covers all the possible costs of resolving the problems.

Some building problems in Canada can only be detected by specialized tests in licensed laboratories. For example, mold, iron ochre, urea foam insulation containing formaldehyde (UFFI), lead, asbestos, etc. In case building inspectors see such suspicious material, they ask you to contact the companies that do the sampling work. Our goal at HOMA Inspection Company is to create more peace of mind for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. Therefore, our inspectors are trained to take such samples. We have also signed formal contracts with the most reliable laboratories in Montreal to conduct the necessary tests with the highest accuracy and in the shortest possible time for you.

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