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Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory Analysis

Inspecting the building, the inspectors may face some suspicious material that may cause problems for either buildings or occupants’ health. There are some materials that only laboratory analysis can confirm their presence or absence; mold, asbestos, lead, iron ochre are some examples of such materials. Mostly, the home inspectors are not trained and/or do not offer sampling services for laboratory analysis. They will simply recommend you perform the sampling and analysis by an accredited lab.

At HOMA inspection, we believe the best person who can perform sample collection is the inspector. Why? To save you money time and effort. Imagine your inspector recommends you perform a lab analysis to make sure the black powdery stuff growing on a piece of dry wall is mold or not. First, you’ll have to find a laboratory who offers this service, then you must set an appointment for sample collection and pay extra fees for the technician to come to your place or the house you are planning to purchase (no need to mention that this may need a lot of arrangement in case the property is not yet yours!).

Although the laboratories have trained technicians who are trained to take the samples, these technicians do not possess strong knowledge or experience about the buildings and problems related to them; the home inspector possesses this knowledge and experience to detect the main source(s) of the problem. In addition, our trained inspectors can help you to interpret the lab report.

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