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Benefits and Advantages of pre-sale (Pre-Listing) Inspection

Benefits and Advantages of pre-sale (Pre-Listing) Inspection

Sell Faster

Home inspections have traditionally been for the benefit of the purchaser.
Pre-Listing inspection benefit all parties – purchasers, vendors and Realtors.
Pre-Listing inspection discloses problems in advance, allowing the seller to either correct them or present them as is, assuring that the accepted offer can move quickly and smoothly to closing without delay.

Sell for more money

Pre-Listing inspection promotes openness and total transaction transparency which establishes trust, a positivity that can help push sale prices higher. If the home is found to be in better condition than originally thought, the price can reflect this. A vendor who pays for a home inspection will be further ahead than one who has to renegotiate. He or she may even sell the house faster.

Pre-Listing inspection can reduce the need for last minuet re-negotiations and might encourage buyer to waive their inspection contingency. If all parties know the condition of the house prior to the offer, there is no need for renegotiation. As most real estate agents know, renegotiation is very difficult. Vendors have already mentally sold the house; purchasers are suffering buyers’ remorse.

Sometimes, the home inspection will reveal items which should be repaired immediately. A pre-inspected listing allows the vendor to repair the problem prior to putting the house on the market.

An inspection at the time of listing can also help a Realtor deal with a vendor who has unrealistic expectations. The inspection report is good ammunition for explaining why you can’t ask top bucks for a house which is not in top condition.

Use as a Marketing Tool

The agent can use the report as a marketing tool that can help sell the home. It differentiates the listing and gives prospective buyers more confidence.

Reduce Stress

It is normal to worry that your home may have some problems that you are not aware of. With a pre-listing inspection, you will not have to worry about what buyer will find or you and the buyer will already know the issues, reinforcing trust and credibility.

Peace of Mind for The Purchaser

There is no doubt that part of the value of a home inspection is a guided tour of the house for the prospective purchaser. The Homa Home Inspection Services can return to do a walk-through with the purchaser, if requested.

Pre-listing inspection facts and statistics

– Sell 30% faster

– 75% pre-inspected houses don’t get buyers (pre-purchase) inspection

– Might be sold at higher price

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